July 28, 2010

Hello, Again

Hey! It’s Alexa. Remember me? I know, I’m really sorry—once again—for being so bad about updating my blog and website. I have been busy, though, so I hope you can forgive me.

For starters, the FRENEMIES series is officially done! It’s true. I believe the fourth and final book (FABOTAGE)—which I revised and delivered to Alloy Entertainment a month or two ago—is currently being adapted for French readers by the incredible Jean-Noël Chatain. I don’t know the release date yet, but I’m going to get in touch with my publisher there (MICHEL LAFON) and possibly plan a reading/signing somewhere in the Paris region to celebrate. Not sure if it will happen, mais une femme peut rêver, oui? (Of course, I’ll need to work on my French accent. Yikes!)

I’m sad to say I still don’t have any information regarding if/when FABOTAGE (as well as book three, GLAMNESIA) might be available for English-speaking readers—but given the way technology has been moving these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if something happened at some point soon. (Could I be more vague? Why yes, I could…) So for now, please just sit tight and know I’m trying to get the 3rd and 4th books out to all twelve of you. :-)

On a darker note, in between magazine assignments (if you didn’t already know, I write for women’s magazines about stuff like diet and exercise and pregnancy and parenting), I’ve been working on the outline for a new YA novel. It’s very different from FRENEMIES (although I suppose one could argue there are deep and sinister themes in those books as well). The basic premise is: Four teens—a misogynist big-man-on-campus, a promiscuous popular girl, a suicidal lesbian, and a homophobic jock—find themselves locked in the high school gym one night and have to somehow figure out themselves and each other before they can escape. It was sort of inspired by a famous one-act play, as well as an eighties teen movie (can you guess which ones?). Anyway, I’m working on that during my downtime, but it’s been slow going because…well…I don’t have much downtime!

Besides all that, I’ve been catching up on movies and books I missed over the past several years. (My son, now four, has sort of taken precedence over my pop culture consumption…so I haven’t exactly been au courant—unless you consider Power Rangers, Spiderman and Spongebob to be in vogue. ;-) My current obsessions include MTV’s “Jersey Shore” (can’t wait for the new season), “HUGE” (anyone else watching?), and THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins. I tore through that and book two, CATCHING FIRE, and now I can’t wait for MOCKINGJAY to come out. I’m also excited for the movie, but does anyone know what’s happening with the production of that? It’s crazy how long it takes to get a film made in this town, I tell you what.

So, there’s the latest. Exciting stuff, huh? And now that I’ve got "Hello Again" stuck in my head, about a little Neil Diamond to tide you over till next time:

Now you can’t say I never gave you anything. :-)


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